About US

A Natural Approach

The chemicals that can be found in most hair salons can be toxic for you and your hairstylist. And while we know not every hair service is going to be completely natural, we are committed to reducing the amount of chemicals we use in our salon. We also actively seek out more natural retail products, so you can feel good about everything you take home.

Focus on Soap-Free Products

One of the many things that sets us apart is that we can offer a soap-free experience because of our use of Hairstory hair products. When believe when you stop using soap, you’ll get better hair, need fewer products overall, and simplify your life. We also carry CRUDE personal care products because we believe you can benefit from being soap-free from head to toe. If you want to learn more about living soap-free, check out this interview with Denise from CRUDE.

The Dry Spell Wash & Style

Steven started Dry Spell with the idea that he wanted to provide blow outs to people who prefer a more natural approach to hair. The foundation of the signature Dry Spell Wash & Style is New Wash, the soap-free cleanser made by Hairstory. That means our blowouts will not only make your hair look great, but your hair will actually be treated to a healthier experience than you would get with traditional shampoo.


When we aren’t doing our signature blowouts, we rent our chairs by the hour to qualified beauty professionals. We realized there were a number of hair stylists who needed more flexibility than traditional salons provide. Not everyone wants to do hair full-time, and for those people, we offer booth rental with a minimum of two hours. So whether you need to do hair while your kids are in school or you just want to do hair as a side gig while you pursue other interests, we have the workspace for you.