Full-Time Booth Rental Available at Dry Spell

Dry Spell Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dry Spell Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you a licensed cosmetologist who is looking for a new salon in Salt Lake City? Our salon offers a relaxed, intimate environment where you can comfortably provide premium services to your clientele.

Dry Spell is located in the Central City neighborhood of Salt Lake City. Our goal is to promote a more natural approach to hair, and we prefer using detergent-free products and low-chemical color services.

Monthly full-time booth rent is $900. One booth could be shared by two stylists for an additional fee. We also offer a 25% retail commission in the form of a monthly booth rent discount.

Monthly booth rent includes:

  • Use of one chair

  • Use of towels and capes

  • Hairstory products for backbar

  • Storage cabinet and rolling cart

  • Natural, healthy beverages for clients

  • Online booking (Square)

  • Booking button placement on dryspell.life and Instagram

  • Business cards

  • Salon marketing

Stylists are responsible for their own:

  • Credit card processing

  • Tools

  • Color inventory

  • Insurance

  • Personal marketing

    (We are happy to help with referrals and recommendations for all these.)

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you. Email Steven at info@dryspell.life to learn more.